[ Free wp modules ] Dokan Pro v3.1 + Dokan Theme v2.3.6 - plugin and template for WordPress eCommerce

Dokan Pro allows you to build a multi- sale or multi-processor ecommerce solution using WordPress. You can start your own ebay or Etsy. Ecommerce with WordPress is now easy! Dokan's super intuitive design and interface make it easy, even for beginners.


Marketplace with Independent Stores
Similar to Shopify, eBay, or Amazon, Dokan gives the manufacturer a custom storefront and the ability to provide additional support.
Multiple Product
Types Dokan supports simple, editable, downloadable, virtual, grouped and bookable products. This way, your salespeople have endless sales opportunities.
Use any WooCommerce compatible theme
Dokan works with any theme that supports WooCommerce. The developers also provide you with a free theme to get you started with the plugin!
Site control panel
Customers and suppliers gain access to a powerful dashboard that makes it easy to manage product inventory, including sales, orders, discounts, and coupons.
Earn on every sale
Commission fees globally, from a vendor or receive a special commission for a single product. A Fair Deal Model allows both parties to share your business success!
Storing information with reports and statistics
Sellers can view a detailed report of store sales as well as get an idea of ​​store performance.
Coupon Management
Sellers manage their own products and the discounts they offer. What's more, manufacturers can create coupons for special sales!
Stylish showcases
Each store looks professional with location and ranking perfect for branding your business. Stores can also use multiple design templates to get the best look.
Increasing Brand Value Through Product ReviewsSuppliers can manage their orders, mark orders as pending or in progress, view shipping and billing addresses, and ship items. Product publication overview
Products and suppliers can be reviewed and evaluated by customers. Good reviews help other customers build trust and add brand value. (Vendor Reviews - Extension)
Manage orders on the go! Maintain product quality in your market and block spam or illegal products. If publish approval is enabled, the administrator will review the product and publish it. Suppliers can create their published products at any time. Easy Withdraw System Withdrawing funds is very simple. Sellers can request withdrawals from the administrator from the control panel. Admins can set the withdrawal threshold, cycle, and return funds to clients. SEO management for the store page
Sellers can manage SEO for their store page. They can write custom meta tags, store permalink and description from the dashboard.
Full store customization
Sellers can include additional information about their store and brand from the dashboard.
Setting up a payment method
Suppliers can manage their payment methods from their control panel options, and set the withdrawal method from the frontend.
Social Profile Integration for Suppliers
Suppliers can add their social profiles from Twitter, Facebook, and more, as well as link their Facebook stores to their store profile, helping them cross-sell.
Manage delivery for each store
With Dokan, vendors can set global shipping for their store, as well as set product delivery rates directly from their dashboard.
Orders and Receipt Widget on
Supplier Dashboard Suppliers can quickly view their current position and order status on the dashboard with an order status counter.
Returning products is extremely easy
Customers can request return authorization through suppliers. Admins will review requests and issue refunds.
Advertisements for Sellers
As an administrator, you can broadcast important advertisements to all suppliers or specific stores. Ads will be displayed on the supplier's dashboard.
Sales management capability
Admins can activate / deactivate sellers. Vendors can also advertise as "Trusted Sellers" for direct posting without moderation.

Dokan Pro v3.1 + Dokan Theme v2.3.6

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