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wpDataTables - Tables and Charts Manager for WordPress

It is a powerful flexible table and chart manager as a WordPress plugin. Simple editing and management. Large datasets are fast (10,000+ rows). Responsive tables with few clicks. Import Excel or CSV into editable tables. Performing mathematical operations. Editing tables in WordPress is as easy as it is in Excel. Extract table data from any source - Excel to MySQL. Don't know SQL? Use a query generator.

You can use wpDataTables for flexible tables in WordPress, which can be used on any device.
Very Large Tables
wpDataTables is very fast with large tables, up to a million rows. All operations will be handled by the MySQL server.
Tables wpDataTables can be made editable - and WordPress users can edit the contents of a WordPress table in a row or in a generated form.
Advanced Filter and Search
wpDataTables allows you to create separate filters for your dataset, which is pretty handy for quickly narrowing down your WordPress table results.
With this WordPress plugin, cells, rows, columns can be selected based on their content - in Excel this feature is called Conditional Formatting.
Diagrams and Diagrams
Each WordPress table can be used as a data source for creating WordPress diagrams. The charts are displayed by 3 powerful generators and can be changed in real time.
Report Creator
Tired of filling out the same documents over and over again? The plugin's report builder automates the creation of documents on your WordPress site - all you need to do is prepare the templates. Submit any DOCX or XLSX templates - for example, use the corporate form you already have with your logo and business information.

Demo :

Report Builder for wpDataTables 1.2
Gravity Forms integration for wpDataTables 1.2.2
Powerful Filters for wpDataTables 1.0.6

wpDataTables v3.1.1

wpDataTables addons

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