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Easy Social Share Buttons is the best WordPress plugin for sharing content with social media. Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress adds unique social media sharing buttons to your sites, an awesome social subscriber counter, an easy-to-use newsletter signup form and social chat features. Easy Social Share Buttons is recognized as the most powerful and feature rich plugin by WordPress experts.


This extensive social sharing plugin Networking and WordPress provides maximum flexibility and social environment by allowing your visitors to share over 50 major social networks, including a wide range of mobile messengers. Not only that, but Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress also boasts the best and most complete package of 55+ beautiful templates for collaborating and creating personal templates, as well as the most complete set of 30+ automatic design positions, 30+ eye-catching and attention-grabbing exciting animations. This WordPress social sharing plugin is unique in covering every possible place to display your social buttons.

Plugin features:

40+ Social Media - Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress supports over 40 popular social media platforms including mobile messengers. Number of supported social media networks increases with each update.
After Share Actions are a great way to reward your most active users and can also be used to grow your mailing list.
Media Sharing - A feature that allows your users to share images.
Quotes - It is possible to create instant Twitter posts (aka Click-to-tweet).
27 Templates - Easy Social Share Buttons includes 27 different templates and a very handy customizer so you can always experiment with the look.
Various button styles and layouts - Options include full-width buttons, fixed-width buttons, column display, auto-display, and more.
20 Auto Positions - In the plugin you will find probably the most advanced rendering engine that automatically suggests 20 different positions for button display. Also, don't forget about shortcodes, thanks to which you can add buttons anywhere.
High-quality mobile version - Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress provides 3 special options for displaying buttons on mobile devices, the use of which will positively affect the activity of your "mobile" visitors.
Optimization - The plugin includes an optimization module that will allow you to customize the information you need for social. networks. There is also automatic debugging of posts for Twitter, custom images for Pinterest, and more.
Social Metrics Lite - A feature that will help you track the performance of social networks on a specific post or page.
Social Analytics - Great analytics module. Track your visitors' actions based on post, display mode, or device type. If you want to use Google Analytics, this option is also taken into account. The plugin allows you to activate a custom tracking campaign for Google Analytics.
Like, Follow & Subscribe Buttons - Developers understand how important such buttons can be, so they added 12 of the most popular native buttons.
Follower Counter - A very stylish counter with automatic data updates. There are also paid addons to track your social media profiles.
Profile Links - Allows you to easily and easily add links to your profiles anywhere on the site. Performance - With optimization in mind, the plugin allows you to get the most out of your buttons without affecting your site's loading speed.
Top Social Posts is a handy widget that will provide users with information about the most popular posts (requires Metrics Lite widget to be activated).

Social Proof - Demonstrating to your visitors that other users have already shared content is a very powerful influencer.
Share Counter Recovery is a module that monitors almost every change that occurs on your site, including changing the structure of the permalink, changing the protocol or switching to a new domain.

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