What is Java?
Java is an object-oriented, class-based, high-level programming language that was developed by James Gosling of Sun Microsystems. Java is an open-source, machine-independent programming language. It is designed to have minimal implementation dependencies. Java, unlike C++ and C++ programming languages that cannot be run in different environments, is a programming language that can be written once and run anywhere. Java's source code is converted to byte code, which can be run on any machine regardless of its operating system. This makes it machine-independent. This is why Java programming language was first popularized. Java is a programming language that primarily supports application developers.

A Brief History of Java Programming Language
These are some historical highlights from the birth of Java programming language.
Oracle acquires Java and releases it in 1995
In 1991, James Gosling and Mike Sheridan along with Patrick Naughton started the Java language project.
Java was initially designed for interactive television.
Java was originally named Oak after an oak tree that stood beside Gosling's office.
The name Green was used for it, and the coffee was finally named Java after the Indonesian coffee.
Sun Microsystems made all its JVM core code free and open-source in 2007.

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Java is the most common and complete programming language in use today. It's also a powerful and complicated language, so it takes time and practice to learn. The share how Java will prepare you with all the skills you need for whatever comes next.

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Because of its robust nature and security, organizations prefer working in a Java environment. The demand for Java professionals is high , specifically for the ones having certification from reputed institutions.

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Java Developer is the one who is responsible for writing robust Java code that creates applications while also integrating frontend (or Client-end) to backend systems (or Server-end), for example, the data stored in MySQL database.

According to the latest TIOBE 2020 Popularity Index, Java is the most popular language used by developers across different corners of the world.

Future Scope of Java Programmers in India is great. It is an object oriented programming language and has a simple object model, as it has been derived from C and C++. It provides a virtual machine, which is accumulated with byte-code and it can run on any system.