n 2017, Michael and Orie created a prototype for a game-changing OneWheel accessory; a foot handle. With easy mounting and dismounting, FlightFins would allow riders to jump the OneWheel for the first time over curbs during urban rides and over various obstacles for trail rides. Soon after they made the prototype, they launched their first crowdsourcing campaign to kickstart the production of their premiere product. Within 48hours, the Fins were fully funded and their company was born. Since then, they have created multiple partnerships and OneWheel accessories to benefit the community. Their signature products include the patented FlightFins and FlightFender as well as the beloved Whisper tire (the FF Hoosier Street) and T2 tire (The FF Hoosier Terrain 2) which are compatible with the OneWheel Xr and OneWheel Pint.

Shop Our Newest Onewheel Accessories | FlightFins

Shop Our Newest Onewheel Accessories | FlightFins

We have a growing inventory of Onewheel accessories. Check out our latest FlightFins products: FlightFender, FlightDeck, FF Hoosier tires, and more!