List Of Agreements Under Legal Agreement Translation Services:

List of agreements that might require legal agreement translation services are long. There are multiple types of agreements that fall under different categories like law agreements, business agreements, trade agreements, real estate agreements, and many more. The need for translation is different for these varying agreement documents.
Some of these agreements are:
Partnership agreement, non-disclosure agreement, purchase agreement, employment agreement, sales agreement, security agreement, transfer agreement, memorandum of understanding, contracts, purchase agreements, lease agreements, contracts of deeds, and millions more.

As these agreements belong to different industries thus the requirements of the translation will be different. The translator or the translation agency needs to assign a project to someone who is familiar with industry terminology, should be a certified and native translator, and experienced in handling such critical projects.
It’s not that legal translation is only needed for documents, but these are super essential for various types of court recordings as well.



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