Pool designs

The business of Pool Designs contractors is booming as well. Even about a decade ago what was considered a niche that has seen the influx of several new players. With the realty sector active again after several years of slump, the construction is flourishing. As the company has grown, it has become recognised as a company that produces and specialises in superior custom made concrete swimming pools. We can manage the entire project from council applications through to the installation and then handover your new, sparkling clean pool ready for your family to enjoy. If you are serious about quality, personal service and dealing with a company that will treat your job as if it were their own, Precision Pools is the right company to get involved with your pool project. We are committed to excellence and quality and will work with you through every step of the project to create your dream pool. With 18 years experience in pool building and an education under one of the top pool builders in Auckland, owner Willy Jones prides himself on being hands on with every swimming pool and being actively involved with each aspect from consultation, quoting, designing and building to filling the finished product. Pool Renovation: Concrete pools need to be replastered every 20 – 25 years. Over time the coated surface of a pool will deteriorate, which can affect the water quality and can have an impact on the pool filtration system. The plaster coatings can stain and break down, and paint coatings will fade and oxidise which can create a milky residue in the water. Precision Pools have successfully renovated hundreds of swimming pools. From a simple replaster, to major structural changes. Not only do we renovate pools that have deteriorated over time, but we can also make changes to the style and shape of your pool. These projects have included raising the height of a pool floor and concreting in new walls to make pools more child friendly.

Auckland inground pools are a cheaper alternative for homeowners. Owners genuinely want to gather the pool pinnacle fixture and region it at the floor. No want to dig ground to put in pool system. Precision swimming pools will help you to get Auckland inground pools will guarantee of customer satisfaction. In case you need to put in your Auckland inground pools, you want to pick an underground pool kit. Auckland inground pool calls for a more complicated installation manner. To dig the floor and installation the inground pool equipment, you want to hire a tractor. Over the years, Willy has gained a wide network of other trade specialists who he can call on to come on board, managing them and the overall project to create a seamless experience for you from start to finish.

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