Gemini 2021 Horoscope Predictions

New year is already around the nook, and everyone expects it to be a better one, at least better than what we have faced in 2020.

People take many resolutions, and some achieve them as well. Astrologically the planetary positions today also defines any specific year of a person. Let's see what this year would bring for someone who has Moon in Gemini or Gemini as the ascendant.


Well, Geminis will be bestowed with several career opportunities; so this would be a good time for their career and profession. April to September is especially great for Geminis since Jupiter moves to your 9th house of destiny and luck. However, natives may feel some challenges from mid-September to mid-November. Again the Jupiter will turn, and the situation would be in your favor, so the year overall would bring satisfactory results for you.


Now let's have a more specific reading about the different sections of your life-


Gemini Career Business


Starting with the profession, Gemini natives will be welcomed by a hell of a lot of opportunities. However, be choosy and make a wise decision as there are plenty more fish in the sea. You may face some challenges at work because Jupiter charges your 8th house for the first quarter. After that, there would be significantly fewer hurdles, and you will experience a positive time career-wise from April to September.


This is also when you may get a promotion or get the chance to travel abroad for work purposes. If you are looking for a transfer, then you would get it; there are high chances. From September to mid-November, be a bit careful and don't let anyone take your advantage at workplace.


Gemini Love Relationships


This year Geminis will be able to maintain a pleasing atmosphere at home. You may also become a part of some auspicious events in your family that will also bring you some expenses. Do the expenditures wisely, and it is also recommended that you remain patient when the situation demands; otherwise, you may also get affected by some negativities.


At the beginning of the year, due to the presence of Sun and Mercury in your 7th house, you would encounter some behavioral changes in your spouse. However, the situation will be improved, and the duration of From May to June will bring plenty of happiness to your relationship. You may also think about tying the knot with your lover. Get Accurate birth chart from astropedia


Gemini Finance


This year the Jupiter’s and Saturn’s conjunction in your 8th house would bring you average results in terms of finance. But since both planets aspect your 2nd house, you will not feel drowned due to financial burden, and this position will bring you support. When Jupiter transits in Aquarius, the period of April to September, these months would rather be lucky for monetary gains.


Rahu will reside in the 12th house, which means you would face some expenses. It is advised that you always keep your savings in check and budget for everything for better supervisory. If you plan to sell or buy any property, have an inspection beforehand.


Gemini Student Education


This is going to be a great year for students as foreign travel is possible. Plus, you will easily encounter success related to academics. Those who want to study abroad may easily apply for it since the situation is favorable. However, those who have completed their college and looking for a job may have to wait for a while. Again the period from April to September is the most result-oriented.


Gemini Health


Healthwise, this year would come average for Gemini natives. You may develop blood-related issues, and you may face discomfort in your eyes as well as stomach. So it is recommended that you follow a healthy diet and avoid junk food. Indulge in exercise and practice yoga if you can; this would reduce mental stress and boost your overall confidence.


Home remedies for a better 2021


  • You can wear emerald; always consult with a gemologist beforehand.
  • On Wednesday, donating green clothes to the poor would be beneficial.
  • To get the grace of Mercury, chant the mantra “OM Sri BudhaayaNamaha” 108 times daily. 
  • Feed animals and crows on Saturdays to earn some good karma and the blessings of Saturn.
  • Include leafy vegetables in your diet.
  • Respect elders and help them whenever possible.


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