Margashirsha Darsha Krishna Amavasai

Amavasai Krishna Amavasya falls on the new Moon when the Moon is not visible in the sky.

It falls every month or twice as per the English almanac. The day is significantly related to the ancestors; all activities related to the departed souls are performed on this day.


People also offer Tarpanam to honor the souls to help them attain salvation. On this day, people also meditate, do Yagyas, and make donations. However, no activities related to new beginnings should be performed on Amavasya since the results would always be disappointing. Don't initiate things such as construction, marriage, or travel on Krishna Amavasya.


The day is dedicated to Pitras, also known as ancestors. If we observe fast on the day for our ancestors, it blesses our life with prosperity, health, success, and recognition.


Different Planetary Combinations Forming on the Day


A day becomes even more powerful if some beneficial planetary situations form in the universe. During that period, if we observe a fast or do the Puja, it tends to double the good effects on us.


On the Krishna Amavasya, the Moon is going to reside in Jyestha Nakshatra or the Mercury star, which is all about knowledge and wisdom. This means if we dedicate this day to our Pitras, it will bestow us with good memory, knowledge, concentration, and mental power.


On the day, Lord Moon also conjuncts in Scorpio with Sun, Venus, Mercury, and Ketu. All the celestial bodies except Venus will reside in Jyestha Nakshatra, while Venus would be in Anuradha (Saturn Star). This combination would let us achieve whatever we want in this lifetime on a worldly term.


Praying to our ancestors on this Amavasya, we can ask forgiveness for any of our mistakes. This is a great day to get rid of our karmic debt and earn some good karma.


The Moon gets even powerful since, on the day, it is associated with the Sun and Venus that will sanctify us with great intuition, peace of mind, decision-making power, and intellect, all working together to attain our goals.


Since the day also brings the solar and lunar eclipse caused by Ketu, praying to Lord Shiva and ancestors together would lift any malefic effects from us. Worshiping Shiva will nullify all the demons and battles inside us that would be caused due to the eclipse.


Worship ancestors and offering them Tarpanam not only blesses an individual but his entire family and relatives too. Even those who are childless get blessed with a child and bloom a family with happiness.


Dos And Don'ts While Observing Fast on Krishna Amavasya


  • Observe fast as your health allows it. Devotees should wake up early, take a bath, and wear clean clothes.
  • They should consume fruits and milk; however, some people don't consume anything.
  • Perform Tarpanam rituals to your ancestors.
  • Meditate on the name of Shiva, Vasus, Rudra, and Aditya.
  • Distribute Prasadam in the temple; help the poor and needy.
  • Read Vedic scriptures.


  • Don't disrespect anyone or cultivate bad thoughts.
  • Don't consume such grains as wheat, rice, and lentils.
  • Don't keep a fast if your parents are alive; only the sons of passed out parents keep this fast.


Mantras to be Chanted at least 108 Times 


Om NamahShivaya

Meaning - I bow to Shiva.


Om Sri ChandraayaNamaha

Meaning - I bow to Chandra. 


Om VasuveNamaha

Meaning - I bow to Vasus.


Om RudraayaNamaha 

Meaning - I bow to Rudra (a fierce form of Lord Shiva)


Om AadityaayaNamaha

Meaning - I bow to Aaditya (Sun).


With Krishna Amavasya, one can seek the blessings of their ancestors and Lord Shiva. Let's, not anything obstruct the wealth, prosperity, and a long healthy life coming to you; observe the fast and stay blessed.


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