Diablo Immortal vs Path of Exile Mobile, which one do you prefer

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Although Path of Exile is not as famous in the world as "Diablo" due to its relative "youngness", it has been developing steadily since its inception. It can even be said that in some areas, the path of exile has surpassed Diablo. Although he did not beat the latter. Perhaps this is the situation where newcomers can extravagantly improve what the innovator has already built.

For example, the complexity of POE transactions, with functions such as POE Orb, POE Currency and POE Items, is by no means easy. Fans are already convinced that POE Mobile will stay as it is and avoid the dreaded "win-win" format. Fans are worried that, according to GGG’s own admission, this is still an experimental game.

However, the good guys at GGG rely on their experience. After all, the Path of Exile itself has undergone many updates. Another adjustment to make it suitable for mobile devices is certainly not too high. Or will it?

The transition from consoles to mobile devices is nothing new. There is no fierce competition between the game and its developers. If you ask us, this game only serves the game public. Since both sides will always strive to help each other, the quality of their games will inevitably increase rapidly. Friends, that is the benefit of healthy competition.

It is also worth noting that the successful development of both games will depend to a large extent on the feedback of supporters. Grinding Gear Games and Blizzard undoubtedly did the work for them, because fans of any game are used to high-quality content. It is almost certain that everything except Buy POE Currency will receive a cold welcome.


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