The Significance of Address Checker Service

Address checker is a verification measure to authenticate the addresses of your clients before any activities.

The increasing number of crimes and other fraudulent activities has driven businesses to develop robust devices for authenticating people. E-commerce websites and other online organizations have developed IDV devices and address verification to make sure real-time customer onboarding. Without IDV, the ability of fraudulent activities significantly rose. The chargeback estimates are continually rising each day and with the COVID-19 pandemic situation at its peak, the crime is rising too. Therefore, there is an essential need to address validation to make sure that your organization stay secured from various criminal activities. 

AVS has acquired prevalence over time and there are various motives behind it. The blog you are about to understand covers all the main features of this service, and it will assist you in choosing the perfect decision for your organization. 

What is Address Checker Service?


Address checker is a verification measure to authenticate the addresses of your clients before any activities. This makes sure that authentic clients get in touch and all the payments are completely protected. Making sure that the address exists is important to prove the identity of your clients. 


Listed below are documents that address checker supports:

Which documents are responsible for Address Validation. 

Before kicking off on to the ideal documents address check system supports, individuals must know that any document proposed must not be older than 3 months. The procedure will automatically restrict otherwise. Listed below are the reasons that Shufti Pro's address checker supports

1.Identity document card



4.Utility Bills

5.Bank statement

6.Tax statements 


All these documents present as proof of address and must be renewed as well. Once the report is examined for type and verification; the name, date of dau, and residential data on the document is plucked with the assistance of the Optical Character Recognition system. During the verification checks, the system extracts and verifies the complete name of the client mentioned in the document. If the document is forged or tampered, the software will quickly inform you about it. For more authoritative analytics, the artificial intelligence-powered solution also monitors for crimped edges of the report. Address validator uses several artificial intelligence algorithm and can authenticate more than 150 linguistics from and over 3000 ID standards.With the assistance of an address checker, you can keep an eye on the renewed record of all the clients.


Why Does Your Business Need Address Verification?

The demand for efficient verification is rising each day. There are various causes why corporation need to address checkers. Listed below are the causes that might intrigue you.

Prevention of fraud 

This is the most important purpose why any company would want AVS. Be it a monetary institution or a gaming website, authenticating addresses is vital. Online companies face identity fraud and according to reports from BCS, chargeback thefts rise by forty-one per cent every 2 years, and this year, the monetary losses have reached almost USD 30 billion. This implies that your digital companies are at risk now, and one must take careful measures to stay secured and safe.  

If you are someone from monetary institutions, address checker service can be assisting you in reducing online identity crime and enhanced reputational risk management. 

Decrease the Amount of Returned Purchases

Returned shipments are one of the most important losses for any company and without genuine addresses, one is likely to encounter the problem repeatedly. As stated by the CNBC reports, digital sales have amounted to $ 123.9 billion and thirty per cent of them will be returned. The amount of these returned deliveries will amount for $ 37 billion approximately. The increased amount of these deliveries can be restricted and decreased with the assistance of address checkers. 

Improve User Experience

Enhancing the user experience is what all companies aim and the responsibility on digital businesses is greater. With the assistance of an address checker, you can keep an eye on the renewed record of all the clients. This will assist in you communicating with them efficiently and provide quick delivery services. 

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