Then he provided me the key to a different area

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Then he provided FIFA Mobile Coins me the key to a different area. He handed me a purse of panties as a present. I immediately thanked him so I could go. He called me and brought me closer into his physique. At that stage, he started to touch me. When I realized what was going on, I pushed him fled the area."

The players who refused Jean-Bart's improvements were expelled in the training centre and national team. As DW reported in October, Jean-Bart also confiscated their passports as a way of restraining them preventing them from tripping abroad.A second victim cited in the report said:"Everything I need is to get my passport again and my security is ensured. If Dadou understands that I've testified , anything could happen to me along with my family, since he knows where he could find me."

Investigators rejected Jean-Bart's argument that the allegations were part of an orchestrated plot to oust him as being"very tough to conceive." They also cast doubt on his claims that he suffered from a medical condition that meant that he had been not able to have penetrative sex, saying in any case that"the idea of sexual abuse does not absolutely need coitus."

However, investigators discovered that"the sexual behaviour and asks of Mr. Jean-Bart ranged from inappropriate touching, to sexual abuse and harassment and, in the worst case of rape (and forced abortion)."

Evidence supplied by FIFPro, the worldwide players' union, revealed how systemic the misuse was, together with 34 possible victims and 10 potential perpetrators identified, including 14 possible victims of Jean-Bart.

The analysis concluded that Jean-Bart's behaviour was"simply inexcusable, '' a disgrace for any football official," adding:"He abused his position in order to meet his own attitude of domination within the most delicate individuals, destroying the livelihood Cheap FIFA Coins and lives of young promising female players."


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