The latest installment from the Animal Crossing franchise

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The latest installment from the Animal Crossing franchise, New Horizons on Nintendo Switch, has taken the world by storm and Animal Crossing Items was released. Filled with anthropomorphic animals are being lived on by gamers of all kinds in all continents. They're spending hours on trees shaking, catching critters, and gathering materials to turn their islands.

Island life has sparked inspiration from many fans, who've been sharing their New artwork online. Much of the artwork features the side of Animal Crossing, but there are some poke fun at the crap of everything. Let's take a look at a few of the most funny Animal Crossing: New Horizons comic books.

Blathers, the wise old owl who runs the island's museum, knows just about everything there is to know fish, fossils bugs. He typically accepts fish and bugs but fossils are another story. Before he'll accept them, they need to be suitably assessed... something only Blathers can do. Nintendo knows fossils won't be accepted by Blathers until you request him to assess them. Perhaps the owl just wants someone to speak to for a couple of extra minutes.

Ultimate. Nintendo announced back in September 2018 that the beloved Animal Crossing NPC would join the fighting game as a playable character. After two decades of enemies with a fishing rod, Isabelle is back and ready to assist you run your city. This cartoon is definitely how we envisioned her walking into New Horizons.

The Bunny Day event is the bane of any fisherman's presence in New Horizons. They're in the trees, the rivers, the earth, the sky, and the rocks. Many gamers have been complaining about the outrageous recoil prices for all these eggs, as they've replaced some of the fish which gamers sell for money. Bugs are the only ones secure from the anger of Zipper. We're all counting down the days before this event is finished.

You have dealt with wasps of cheap Animal Crossing Bells and scorpions, now get ready for.... tarantulas. One of the drawbacks of moving to a deserted island is seemingly mad tarantulas' spawning. Be cautious since these hairy matters will hiss once you're walking at night if you get too near and attack you. They nightmare fuel, particularly for arachnophobics. However moving is fun!

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