Impact Of Online Education on Children

As the world grows each day, so does the internet. With this advancement of technology, we have various opportunities at our disposal. So much so that nowadays students


As the world grows each day, so does the internet. With this advancement of technology, we have various opportunities at our disposal. So much so that nowadays students prefer to study through the internet. The education industry has received a massive makeover in recent years. While most of the education giants have shifted their base in providing content online, more students are also inclining towards online education.  

So, keeping that in mind, we are listing the impacts of online education on students of all age so that they can be groomed to their best abilities and maximise their output while studying online. Here what the experts at the online Economic assignment help services have to say.

The impacts of online education n students can be divided into two sections-

  • Advantages
  • Disadvantages

Advantages of online education

  • Online courses are flexible

Online courses give you the option of learning at a convenient time and place. Of course, for children, online education can be a bit difficult to cope with at first. Parents need to accompany the children during the initial stages to make them permanent with the technology and interface. The online Economic assignment help services points out that as the courses pick up the pace, they will become familiar and hence will no longer face troubles.

  • Online education does not need you to commute

The most significant advantage of online education is that your instructors/ tutors are just a click away from you. There is no need to commute to the classroom to clarify your doubts.

  • More individual attention

When children gather in a classroom, their focus can shift from the teacher to their fellow friends. During online classes, in the presence of a guardian, they have a direct connection with the screen and the tutor.  This way, the learning experience is enhanced.

  • Self-discipline

Online courses teach us to fight procrastination. Everyone, children to adults, and students to teachers procrastinate in their life. Online courses give us the opportunity to prepare ahead of time as we have a large pool of resources at our disposal, which is not possible in the offline format.

  • More exposure

Today the world is interconnected through the internet. With the introduction of online education, nowadays we can access high quality study materials and free resources from all over the world. We can go through some of the critically praised research papers, works, books of renowned educators and professors. This wouldn’t have been possible without online education.

  • Free Knowledge

The greatest gift from online education is the option of learning new skills without any cost.

  • Unlimited revision

With online courses, a child can revise their concepts numerous times. This wouldn't have been possible in the offline format. A teacher had to repeat multiple times to make things clear.

Disadvantages of online education

  • Unavailability of internet

The major shortcoming of online courses is the unavailability of the internet, says the experts at the online Economic assignment help services. Still, there are places where the internet connection is scarce, and hence children living in those areas do not get access to the internet. So, naturally, for them, online education will be of no help.

  • More time taking than offline education

Children won't be able to communicate verbally with their educator to clear their doubts. They have to send their doubts through text in the comment section, ask the tutor later through email or discuss it with their friends or parents. Both way, it will take  effort and hard work to accomplish that learning

  • Requires good time-management skills

Internet-based courses require excellent time management skills. With mood swings always around the corner, it is a bit tough for children to manage time.

  • Feedback is limited

Online education tends to struggle with student feedback. As students complete regular assignments, they become disinterested when they experience a lack of personalised feedback.  Providing students with feedback is still a work-in-progress area.

  • Social isolation

With only a screen in front of you, both the students and the teachers can develop a feeling of social isolation. Online education gives its participants a sense of being trapped inside a bubble as they have no one else to communicate in between the classes.

  • Prevention in adopting unfair means of practice

Online education finds it very tough to abolish the practice of unfair means during assignments or exams. The students cannot be directly monitored during assessments or exams without a live video feed, making this procedure very complicated and also very costly

With time, and with each day technology upgrading itself, expect online education to seriously change the face of learning once and for all.

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