Guide to prevent data loss in Microsoft 365

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We live in the virtual world and most of our day-to-day activities are dependent on being online. Most of the deals cannot run without using Microsoft Office on a daily basis.

Are you aware that your Microsoft Office data can also get stolen or go in the wrong hands when you do not take appropriate measures to protect it. Most of us take these things very casually and this results in something that could affect your work life drastically.

When you get yourself to use Microsoft Office apps, you think that your data is completely secure. However, this is not the case.

At times, users PC may undergo a data breach, or there could be hardware failure on it and this ultimately results in the loss of essential data. Moreover, some errors on the part of human beings can also give way to data loss.

Hence, to curb the fear of data loss, it is essential for you to take preventive measures in advance that will not only result in shielding your data from future attacks but also help you in any case you become a victim of data theft.

Ways to retain your data

Microsoft offers its Office users the option to get back the hold on their data even if they have deleted it. However, there is a catch. Only the licensed users who have downloaded Offices setup via are eligible to enjoy data-retention policies.

The next measure I would like to talk about is the variant of data-retention options available for the licensed users. You can imply the desired policies accordingly based on different aspects.

Meanwhile, you can also create a backup of your data in case your device undergoes a hardware failure. Make it a habit to back up data on a short term, i.e. on a weekly basis. Fortunately, you may also do recovery tests of your files on a regular basis to ensure that you have copies of the files available with you.

What is included in the retention policy?

Taking the discussion forward, we should now have a glance at how is our data retained by Microsoft and how we can get it back.

Whenever your device undergoes the data loss, knowingly or unknowingly, Office 365 retains it for its users for a stipulated time period. Your data is stored at a particular location which is not only secure but easily accessible.

Hence, you can restore it whenever you want by following a simple procedure. All you need to do is remember the credentials of your Microsoft account as you might be prompted for it during the restoration.

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