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ISO 22000 Certification in Dubai  Food safety is one in all the foremost vital basic within the food business. this subject consideration the tip customers the maximum amount as each corporation is concerned within the offer and production chain. this can be the rationale why certifications and legal standards square measure thus vital within the management of quality within the food business. solely a clear and specific set of rules and watching of the full method will guarantee a decent food quality for the tip client. Certifications and ISO standards confirm that specifications and needs square measure discovered, documented, and controlled. some standards square measure business-specific (such because the BRC for trade) and different product-specific, the  ISO 22000 in Dubai unifies totally different standards and norms to ensure international food safety.


To help you testify the ISO 22000 certification, here square measure the foremost vital aspects of the quality and what you wish to grasp.


ISO 22000 Services in Dubai  is a global quality management system for food safety. Certification is effective right along the assembly chain, permitting corporations like food packaging or additives producers to induce certified in addition.


References to HACCP and to ISO 9001

The  ISO 22000  normal relies on the principles of the ISO 9001 and developed in accordance with the HACCP fundamentals. The legal procedure used as basis for the HACCP is powerfully tied with the management system ISO 22000.


Content of the ISO 22000

The requirements of the quality cowl many stages of food safety within the production method like provider watching, personal hygiene, or maybe the implementation of the rules relating to the handling of management points (HACCP). Central operation of implementing the ISO normal is that the clear and ensuant documentation of all vital processes.



The standard covers among others:

Structure and documentation of a management system

Execution of a risk analysis

  1. Preparation associate degreed implementation of a HACCP idea and a requirement Program (PRP) in addition to an Operative Interference Program (OPRP)
  2. Effective communication, internal and external (with suppliers, traders, finish customers, etc.)
  3. Evaluation (validation and verification) of all measures going to a gradual improvement of food safety.


The procedure of the ISO 22000

The  ISO 22000 consultant in Dubai  contains a validity of three years and is controlled yearly by a watching audit. to induce the certification, you may get to undergo the subsequent steps:

  1. Pre-audit (optional)
  2. Certification audit
  3. Issue of the certificate
  4. watching audit
  5. Recertification audit

The audits needed for a successful certification square measure divided into 2 elements. within the 1st audit, the dominant body can check if the corporate is appropriate for the implementation of the international norms. Documents are going to be checked on location associate degreed potential food hazard are going to be known with a risk analysis or an analysis of the interference program. this can set the measures for the second audit resulting in the implementation of the norm and to the certification itself.


The planned revision of the ISO 22000

ISO 22000 was 1st revealed in 2005 and has been ofttimes updated since then. a bigger revision is being created and that we predict the update to be revealed within the returning months of 2017. the subsequent aspects of the certification ought to be improved.




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