NFL moves its 2021 Pro Bowl to "Madden NFL 21"

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From the perspective of the ongoing coronavirus epidemic and its changes in the sports world, the National Football League (NFL) announced that it will now almost hold the 2021 professional basketball tournament at Madden NFL 21.

According to the organization’s statement, the league will work hand-in-hand with EA Sports for a week-long game that will duel between various current NFL players, NFL Legends, streamers and celebrities and bring them all into . Madden 21 Coins can bring players closer to these players. Come to an ultimate professional bowl game. Of course, fans can still vote for their favorite teams and players. The final schedule will be broadcast on ESPN and ABC.

NFL Executive Vice President said: "Even though the entire sports industry has undergone unique changes, we are still happy to transform many of the iconic components of Pro Bowl (Madden will be virtualized in NFL 21) into new ones for our players and fans. Innovative experience." The business and activities of the club Peter O'Reilly. "We are committed to using our Pro Bowl platform to enable fans to virtually celebrate the best player in the game."

Chris Bruzzo, Executive Vice President of Marketing at EA, added: "We are delighted to work closely with our long-term partner NFL to move the Pro Bowl to the Madden NFL virtual venue and become part of the first virtualized high-profile sports event. Our community is eager for more interactive experiences, so players have been working hard to create more Madden NFL 21 Coins opportunities to bring them closer to their favorite sports."


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