Why Picosecond Laser Micromachining Of Tungsten Carbide Is A Superior Method To Others

Laserod Incorporated was established by Rod Waters in the mid 1990s, succeeding Florod, an organization built up by Waters and an accomplice during the 1970s.

Even though it's known as a hard-to-machine material, Tungsten carbide (WC) is widely used as a material in tools. Due to its special properties, such as dimensional stability, extreme hardness, outstanding wear resistance, and chemical inertness, tungsten carbide is utilized in many industries. Traditional mechanical machining techniques, such as electrical discharge machining (EDM) grinding, can encounter difficulties such as tool damage, rapid tool damage, and time-consuming repairs to material toughness and strength.

If EDM is used in processing tungsten carbide (WC), there could be many machining problems, including a heat-affected layer formed on machined surfaces and a discharge-induced rough surface. As con result, a post-polishing process is necessary, which makes the whole manufacturing process very sluggish and raises the cost of production. Besides, for the EDM operation, a shaped electrode must be produced, which usually wears and must be remodeled or replaced to ensure the component's necessary consistency.

An alternative, cost-effective, and high-efficiency machining system is required. Picosecond laser micromachining is a good choice due to its unique properties such as non-contact operation, no mechanical cutting forces, and no machine tool wear. Nonetheless, the use of modern lasers, such as the nanosecond pulsed laser, to process tungsten carbide has been shown to cause thermal and residual material repositioning problems.

Researchers have developed an effective picosecond pulsed-laser tungsten carbide micromachining method. This method can drill high-quality microholes, engraving various features, and creating micro or nano surface structures on the tungsten carbide surface. The picosecond laser micromachining method is beneficial in terms of time flexibility relative to traditional EDM techniques.

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