Re-designing a Personal Website

5 Min Read - Re-designing a Personal Website

Designing a personal website is very simple, you can take advantage of online tools or hire the best  Personal Website Building Services UAE to get it done professionally. If you have an existing website and want to change the design of it because of poor conversion, bad traffic, and getting feedback of an unattractive site, then you need to change your design strategy. First answer these questions regarding your website.

Is your website layout, design, and theme outdated? Are the conversion decreasing? Is there any complaint about user experience?

If all the answers are positive, then you need to start planning to re-design your website. You need to make sure that the homepage is clutter free, checkout looks out of date, check if there is enough room for all pages, check whether the site search is showing the relevant results.

Make a list of goals which you want to achieve after a new website design like, improvement in on-site SEO, brand more visually aligned, more informative pages, and keeping visitors from bouncing off your pages so quickly.

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