Use Vhearts' sidebar to your advantage and rake in cash.

Vip-sidebar advertising on Vhearts is a form of advertising to increase traffic to your website/ business/or store. Ads will be displayed throughout the site, as well as in the sidebar 

Exclusive to VIP members, Vip-sidebar is a special feature. You can do so by clicking on the link provided :

Your VIP membership package expiration date is synced up with the conclusion of the advertising.


Vip-sidebar advertising has numerous advantages.

Because your ad will be displayed on the system's sidebar, potential customers will have an easier time finding your business. Moreover, this is one of the most cost-effective ways to market a product or service.

Only for VIP members

The sidebar is a golden area, but it is limited in number, so we can only offer it as an extra feature for VIP members.

How do I access the Vip-sidebar?

If you are already a Vip member, please provide the administrator: 1 brand url/web address, 1 banner ad (if not, we will design it FREE for you )

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