[Script] Mumara PRO - Bulk email script

Mumara: Marketing Automation & Customer Engagement Tools

There are only a few scripts on the market that are really professional and can be used to organize both mass mailing and an effective email marketing strategy. One of these scripts is Mumara, which has all the features that anyone who knows how important a good mailing list is will need right out of the box.

In contrast to similar systems, all of Mumara's expansion modules are already part of the kit. There are scripts that need extra modules to set up a certain function. Not every script, for example, has a module for split testing, randomization, etc. Mumara comes with everything you need already built in. Mumara also has two versions: one for your own mailings (the PRO version) and one for running a business service (ESP version).
Download :!Ai2kfERrQ29dgyW8R-hfqF5tbPF-?e=esOie0

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