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Mail Scanning Service |: Mail forwarding anywhere in America. We also provide mail forwarding service for packages and online mail!. View your mail online 24/7.

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Wow, I really need this service. My place is quite far away right now. Where can I find out about the service? we become what we behold

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scanR goes live on 3neXt
scanR, a service that enables camera phones and digital cameras to scan, copy and fax, is now available on 3neXt from the 3 Group.

The 3neXt website ( for computers or for phones) provides a lively resource of applications and website reviews for X-Series users and others to continue exploring the world of mobile broadband. In addition to scanR, 3Fax offer links to an ever growing database of applications and websites.

“3’s X-Series phones are a glimpse today of the future for all of us. Each X-Series phone has a powerful camera and a flat-rate data plan, so people can freely capture and share the moments that are important to them. Now with scanR, 3’s X-Series phones serve as mobile document hubs, which allow users to capture and share their paper documents,” said Rudy Ruano, CEO of scanR.

scanR is the easiest way to convert paper into digital information, so people can store, share and search it. With scanR, people can capture the information from handwritten notes, printed documents, business cards and more, with their camera phones. To use scanR, just snap a photo and send it to scanR. The photo is converted into a clear document, with the keywords and contact information extracted from the fax, and returned as a searchable PDF or vCard file. scanR will even synchronize your information with popular applications such as Facebook, Salesforce and Plaxo.

Director and General Manager of 3’s Handset and Application team Frank Meehan says, “the 3 Group is proud to offer a mobile application which allows customers to turn paperwork into useful digital information in a few simple steps. Customers now have the ability to use their camera phones to scan, copy and fax in creative ways, which are not only fun but incredibly useful.”

Class Notes by scanR is the easiest way to find and share notes from school on Facebook. If you missed a class or just want to see what your friends are studying, it’s easy to get electronic copies. With scanR, you can share class notes that you wrote in a notebook, lecture notes that your teacher wrote on the whiteboard, or a page from a textbook.

There is no need to type your notes into an email. Just take pictures of your notes, send them to scanR, and get copies sent right into Facebook. scanR will clean up and convert the pictures into clear, legible PDF files that are easy to share, view and print. With Class Notes, you can see your friends’ notes and share your own, as easily as taking a picture! Hey, we know you’re already on Facebook, now you can get some studying done while you are at it.

Here's a quick video tour:

To see your friends’ notes or upload your own, add Class Notes to your Facebook profile.

I’m not at student anymore, but Class Notes is not just for students. If you’re out of school, you can use it to share meeting notes and documents too. Check out my Class Notes to see some examples.

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