I cannot set up an IMAP email account in outlook 2019. What should I do?
IMAP is an Internet message access protocol which is used to access emails on a remote mail server and it is largely used to retrieve messages. You can follow the step by step guide in order to configure Outlook IMAP settings.
• Go to Outlook and click on ‘File Tab’
• Tap ‘Add Account’ and select ‘Manual setup or additional server types’
• Select ‘POP or IMAP’ and click ‘Next’
• Add the following details-
ü Your name and email ID
ü Account type- IMAP
ü Incoming server- imap-mail.outlook.com
ü Outgoing mail server (SMTP)- smtp-mail.outlook.com
ü Your username and password
Click on more settings and then on ‘Outgoing Server’ and check the box next to ‘SMTP requires authentication’. Go to ‘Advanced’ and fill in the following details in the ‘Server Port Numbers’-
• IMAP- 993
• Encrypted connection- SSL
• SMTP- 587
• Encrypted connection- TLS
Click ‘OK’ and then ‘NEXT’ to test and save account settings. You will easily be able to configure outlook IMAP settings by following the above-mentioned steps. @https://www.emailsupport.us/bl....og/outlook-imap-sett

How To Configure Outlook IMAP Settings With Outlook.com account?

How To Configure Outlook IMAP Settings With Outlook.com account?

Outlook IMAP settings allow users to access other client mail on Outlook account. Outlook settings make you able to manage everything in one place.