8 players from 21 hottest teams were exposed this week, including Bobby Wagner and Ben Roethlisberger

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After a week of NFL activities, the "Mad 21" team arrived in week 8. This week's players will once again show their past performance. Also last week, some players performed well on the court, including Ben Rosliberg of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Players can obtain characters in madden 21 through Madden 21 Coins.

Before the "Good Morning Crazy" live broadcast on Twitch on Tuesday, "Hero" players showed up early. For Tracy Porter, the 21st best team of the week, Tracy Porter is your defensive hero, with 92 acceleration, 91 speed, 91 agility, 89 jumps, 89 manual screens and 88 game recognition capabilities. Central defender Cory Dillon (Cory Dillon) is the offensive hero of TOTW 8. His new card has 90 carry, 90 steals, 90 acceleration and 89 speed in attributes.

For limited edition players (LTD), it was Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger who added a new player. Big Ben this weekend with 32 goals and 21 strokes (182 yards) and two touchdowns, helped his team defeat Lamar Jackson and the Ravens 28-24. He won a new 92 OVR program, which includes 92 throwing power, 90 short hit accuracy, 88 deep hits, 88 throws under pressure and 88 game moves.

Big Ben's new LTD card was packaged for only two days, but will be sold at a high price at Madden 21 auction house afterwards. In addition to the Hero, LTD and POTW items mentioned above, there are other low-priced items in player collections. These special items Buy Madden 21 Coins can get offensive or defensive heroes. For example, to get Cory Dillon, you need an exchange kit for TOTW 8 offensive players with lower ratings.


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