Child Custody Attorney Orange County

Are you looking for a child custody attorney in Orange County to win custodianship of your child? Do you need a seasoned family lawyer to sort out your family dispute or divorce matters?

Family disputes can be overwhelming and cumbersome for the best of us. It takes a huge emotional toll on the parties involved, whether they're looking for spousal support, child custodianship, division of assets, or any other family dispute. Thus, it's best left to a professional family lawyer to handle the matter expertly and ensure that your best interests are served in the courtroom or at the negotiation table.

Dolores Lopez is an experienced family lawyer and a Child Custody Attorney Orange County with extensive experience that can help you with any and all family disputes. Her dedicated team of lawyers is always there to help you with any family matter, to the best of their ability and per your case's unique circumstance.

What Our Family Attorneys Can Do for You?

Dolores Lopez and her team of lawyers specialize in all areas of family law. We can help you with complex cases on issues like:

● Divorce
Separating from a spouse can take a huge emotional toll. Our attorneys ensure that your best interests are protected throughout the litigation or negotiation.

● Child Custodianship
Child custody matters can complicate any divorce proceeding. We ensure that you get a fair custody arrangement with the goodwill and well-being of the child as our highest priority.

● Asset Division
Asset division is another complicated area in family disputes. We take inventory of all your family assets, including real estate, investments, etc., to create a fair and equitable division that rightfully serves both parties.

Other practice areas by Dolores and her team of lawyers include:

● Domestic Violence
● Mediation
● Pre and Post Judgment Modifications
● Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements
● Paternity
● Discovery and Improper Discovery

Trust in an Expert Child Custody Attorney in Orange County

Dolores Lopez and her attorneys can take the emotional stress away from you and your children during any family dispute. Trust us with all the legal nuances, whether in the courtroom or at the negotiating table.

Contact us today at 07147337065 for speedy legal assistance on all family disputes and for protecting your child's best interests.