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Dolores Lopez and her diverse team of legal attorneys are here to protect the needs and rights of your loved ones and family in case of any dispute. As a team of highly experienced family law attorneys, we specialize in divorce, child custody, spousal agreements, asset division, domestic abuse, paternity, mediation, and other matters pertaining to your family.

Our family law experts work together as a group to bring holistic solutions to our clients. Our pragmatic and child-focused approach is complemented by an affordable legal representation that fulfills all your needs from seasoned family lawyers like us. Our prime focus lies in resolving disputes outside the courtroom for the benefit of all parties involved. We strive to negate any emotional or financial stress on our clients during such a difficult period in their life.

Our Services

As leading Child Custody Attorney Orange County for over two decades now, we aim to keep you informed and involved at every step of the way. You'll get first-hand access to our strategies, with the final say resting at your discretion. Our legal experts will always be available to resolve your queries and keep you informed of the court proceedings.

Our services encompass all aspects of family law, including:

● Divorce
● Spousal Support
● Child Support and Custody
● Asset Division
● Mediation
● Domestic Violence
● Paternity
● Pre and Post Judgment Modifications
● Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements
● Attorney's Fee
● Discovery and Improper Discovery

Whether you're applying for physical or legal custody or want to close the parental agreement outside of court, Dolores Lopez and her family attorneys can help. You need experts who have extensive knowledge of family law and considerable experience in legal representation in California courts.

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