Consult with the number one cancer specialist doctor in Delhi: June 2022

Cancer is one of the biggest diseases we are facing in today’s era, and doctors are working very hard to treat their patients but the thing is treating cancer is not affordable at all. You have to spend a lot of bucks to get the treatment but here is the best cancer specialist doctor in Delhi who will help you with that problem too. His name is Dr. Sanjeev Kumar. He is working in this field for more than 12 years and has treated more than thousands of patients. He has already worked independently at many high-volume cancer centers across India, which already makes him the best cancer specialist doctor in India.

How did he become the Best Cancer Specialist in Delhi?

Dr. Sanjeev's specialties include gastrointestinal oncology, colorectal cancer, pelvic cancer, robotic surgery, advanced laparoscopic surgery, and HIPE/PIPAC procedures, these things are enough to tell you that he is the best cancer specialist in Delhi. He is career-driven and not only there to earn money but to help cancer patients. So, you should consult him at least once so that you too can understand why he is the best doctor for you.

Dr. Sanjeev’s specialties are:-

• Consultant

• Surgical Oncology

• Robotic Surgeon

• HIPEC Specialist

• Abdominal & Pelvic Cancer Expert

• Manipal Comprehensive Cancer Center


When it comes to cancer, it is very possible that the patient will not survive because of not having the lack of doctors or treatment but because of money. You could consult Dr. Sanjeev Kumar for your treatment because he understands how much a family has to go through and that is why he is the best cancer specialist in Delhi. We have given you his details below and just consult him immediately and stay positive.

Contact him at:

Phone Number: + 91 9869122384

Address: Palam Vihar Sector 6 Dwarka, New Delhi, 110075