H7 LED Bulbs: https://auxito.com/collections/h7-led-bulb

If the H7 Halogen bulb of your vehicle is still dim, AUXITO will give you several options when it’s time to replace them or upgrade to a new set of the best H7 LED. While getting better headlight output, there is also an excellent beam 1:1 position design to provide your headlights with a clean cut-off, properly focused beam to avoid scattering that causes glare to oncoming traffic.

AUXITO offer GF PRO Series H7(Non-polarity & No Adapter Required), Q10 Series H7(Mini Size 50W 9000LM/pair), Y13 Series H7 (Brightest, 16000LM/pair), M3 Series H7 (wireless design, 12000LM), 10S Series(12,000lm/set), Y13 G4 Series H7(Retainer Adapter for VW Polo MK5, Touran), Y13 G2 Series H7(Retainer Adapter for VW BMW Mercedes Benz ), H7 LED load resistors may be required for H7 LED to draw much less power than halogen bulbs, flickering, blink, error code may come for LED headlight, fog, or DRL.
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