If you are searching for a good off-road car with a visual look and a powered engine, you can consider one from the Ford brand, namely Ford Raptor.
However, you still wonder about how Ford Raptor fuel consumption is before deciding to own it. Let's scroll down this article to find out the answer and the details of this midsize pick-up truck.

Ford Raptor Overview
With its intimidating design and ability to tackle all sorts of terrain, the Ford Raptor is regarded as a monster in off-road versions. It's notorious for shredding through virtually anything, and the current iteration is no exception.
The Ford Raptor 2022 is a new variant superior to the previous. It's quicker, stronger, and more visually appealing than its predecessor and ready to take on new challenges.
The look, inside, technology, and safety of the Ford Raptor 2022 have also been enhanced. The bodywork has expanded front and rear fenders, which reduce dirt and dust when traversing terrain.

In the Philippines, Ford launched six color schemes for the Raptor model. The price of the 2022 Ford Raptor is over 2 million pesos.
The Ford Raptor Engine And Fuel Consumption
The equipped engine is a 2.0L Bi-Turbo diesel that generates 213 horsepower and 500Nm at peak performance. Although this equipment cannot be robust, it includes a 10-speed gearbox.

The Ranger Raptor is maybe the world's only production pick-up with this transmission. As a result, the Ford Raptor becomes a driving beast.
So don't be startled if the speedometer needle is set to 50 km/h and the gear meter is set to fifth gear. The Ford-designed Raptor can still provide 7-8 kilometers per liter in city driving and 12-14 kilometers per liter on the interstate. The mileage is a whopping 19 km/l.
It can imagine how sloped muddy roads may cause the engine to suck gasoline. That being said, I must emphasize that the Raptor is designed for enjoyment, not daily driving.

Pros And Cons Of 2022 Ford Raptor
In terms of advantages, the Ford Raptor is an extremely capable off-road pick-up truck. Apart from that, this car also owns a sophisticated interior design and an in-car infotainment system with an easy-to-use interface.
About the cons aspect, the engine is loud, especially on the highway, with some of the noise in the interior, which a premium lifestyle pick-up like the Raptor shouldn't have in the first place.
The second disadvantage is that Ford Raptor has a higher price than competitors in the same segment in the market. You can read some problems that Ford Raptor can get here: https://philcarprices.weebly.c....om/store/p3/Ford_Ran

With the engine equipped, it is clear that the Ford Raptor fuel consumption is quite high. At the same time, this number is not ideal for those who prefer fuel-efficient cars.
Therefore, the Ford Raptor is only a good idea for customers who want to own a powerful car that can conquer all terrains.

Ford Ranger Raptor

Ford Ranger Raptor

In the last quarter of 2020, Ford launched its latest midsize truck in the Philippines market: Ford Raptor. This model quickly became one of the favorite models of the Filipinos who love the sport. If you are a sporty design lover, you shouldn't miss