5 ways to coordinate with a beautiful standard female blazer without getting old

If you're transitioning back into the office this spring, it's time to start considering your work attire. Sure, the past few years of remote workspaces have lead to laxer dress codes, but we'd argue that we should still put in some effort when meeting colleagues IRL. Enter the best blazers for men. They're more casual than a suit jacket, but dressier than sports jackets, these solid-colored garments provide structure, color, and lots of style to our nine-to-five wardrobes. And while old school blazers were typically made in navy with metal buttons, today's best men's blazers come in plenty of fabrics, colors and styles to fit just about any guy's taste. Ahead, we found the 20 best blazers for men to buy online. But first, a note about how your blazer should fit.

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Most critical is the fit of the shoulder. The seam on the jacket should sit directly above the edge of your shoulder. Most guys buy jackets that are too big. Even the best tailor can’t fix an ill-fitting shoulder, so get this detail correct and you’re off to a good start.

Next, focus on the sleeve length. They should end about a half-inch above your hand, allowing room for your shirt cuff to show. If you are 5’7”, try a short jacket length. If you’re 5’8” to 6’, try a regular jacket first. If you are 6’ or taller, you’ll probably need a long. Tip: Wear a long sleeved dress shirt when you get fitted in your blazer. This helps the tailor know how to adjust the sleeves.

Blazers are meant to provide structure, so it shouldn't fit like a college hoodie, although off the rack, the body of the jacket might be a little boxy. If that’s the case, ask your tailor to have it taken in so it skims your torso. Traditional fits are typically longer in the body, while modern fits are cut shorter. Either way, if the bottom of the jacket falls below your butt, it’s too long. Ideally, the end of your sleeve and the bottom of the jacket should more or less line up.

Traditional blazers have metal buttons, but these days they come in plenty of styles. We’re big fans of the knit blazer, which marries the comfort of a sweatshirt with the structure of a jacket. We also like chino blazers that can dress up or dress down your office look, and look great for summer weddings.

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