Hyundai vehicle prices in the Philippines

View the most recent list of Hyundai automobile prices in the Philippines as released by Hyundai Asia Resource, Inc., the company's official distributor.

Hyundai's price list in the Philippines for all body types, including sedan, hatchback, SUV, van, and commercial vehicles, remains unchanged in 2022.
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You may find the most recent price list for Hyundai vehicles in the Philippines in this post, which was updated by, which has been working with Hyundai Asia Resource, Inc. since 2001 as a partner.
Hyundai's vehicles have generally gained popularity in this nation of Southeast Asia due to their exceptional convenience and attractive body design. Additionally, they have neutral patterns, which make them difficult to date.
Additionally to having reasonable costs, this Korean automaker's vehicles also have good fuel economy.

Hyundai Cars In The Philippines Price List
Hyundai Sedan
A sedan is a terrific option to fulfil your needs and save money if you're looking for a 5-seat vehicle for your family. Hyundai sells the Accent and Reina in the Philippine market.
While the Reina is more comfortable with roomier cabin and excellent drive handling, the Accent is more attractive to vehicle aficionados for its sporty and contemporary style with a powerful performance.
The cost of the Hyundai Accent varies depending on the version, ranging from P790,000 to P1,038,000. If the price seems excessive, you may want to think about the Reina, which costs only P683,000 to P733,000.

Hyundai Hatchback
The compact shape and upbeat emotions of the Hyundai hatchback are well known to metropolitan Filipinos.
According to Hyundai Asia Resource, Inc., the Hyundai Ioniq and Hyundai Veloster will cost, respectively, P1,548,000 and P1,798,000 in July 2022. The pricing variation is due to the way Hyundai constructed these variants.
The Veloster's 2.0l turbo engine and 8-speed automated transmission set it apart in terms of performance. The payload of this variant is higher despite its smaller design than its sibling.
The Ioniq, on the other hand, is a superior option because it uses electricity if you are concerned about the environment and renewable energy.

Hyundai SUV
The Kona, Palisade, Tucson, and Venue are the four current models of Hyundai crossover SUV. In the Philippines, the Hyundai Kona and Tucson are the two most popular models.
Hyundai SUVs may be purchased for as little as P915,000 to P985,000 for the Venue. The Kona comes in second with P1,188,000. The Palisade, which costs P3,240,000, is currently the most costly.
The Tucson's pricing hasn't been disclosed by Hyundai yet, but given how hot it is right now, we anticipate a modest hike compared to the first half of 2022.
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The price list for Hyundai vehicles in the Philippines for 2022 is provided in the aforementioned article. It was released by Hyundai Asia Resource, Inc. and compiled by, the most dependable online resource for automotive news.