John Deere 5065 E 4wd is the latest in a new generation of high-performing, self-propelled tractors. The engine efficiency of the John Deere 5065 E 4WD tractor is 65 HP, while the PTO HP is 55.3 HP. The tractor has oil-immersed brakes and 9 forward and 3 reverse gears. The tractor's 68 Litre fuel tank ensures that it will function well for a very long time. The tractor has three cylinders, each of which has the exceptional capability and maximum efficiency to provide. The cost of a John Deere 5065 E 4WD in 2022 is ****ween 10.85 and 14.42 lacs *. It is Designed specifically for use on tough terrain, this model is engineered with an impressive powertrain package that's more capable and efficient than ever before. With advanced features like an EcoRideTM Technology Combined Diesel System and Hydraulic Level Control System, it provides powerful performance and farm-ready utility.