What Is Paysera Account?
Buy Verified Paysera Account. Paysera Account is a Lithuania-based fintech company founded in 2004, which has become a popular payment system in the world after receiving a payment system institution license from the Bank of Lithuania in 2012. Verified Paysera Account is an online payment provider and has been serving the Lithuanian, Latvian and Bulgarian More other markets since 2014, gaining a Worldwide client base in recent years. Serving almost 180 countries, Verified Paysera Account facilitates payments to 48 European countries, 52 countries in Asia and Oceania, 41 countries in Africa, and 33 countries in the United States.

Before delving profound into the question of how you can apply for a Paysera company account, let’s clarify Paysera’s regulatory status Paysera. Like many fintech players in the payments and banking services department, Verified Paysera is often referred to as a digital bank, virtual bank or simply Paysera Bank. However, legally speaking, Paysera is not a bank, nor does it have a banking license, although it is supervised by the Bank of Lithuania – that is, the central bank and the financial regulatory authorities of Lithuania. Paysera Account holds different registrations, licenses and authorizations to offer its services in accordance with applicable electronic money regulations.


Buy Verified Paysera Account - 100% USA,UK Verified Accounts

Buy Verified Paysera Account - 100% USA,UK Verified Accounts

Buy verified Paysera account, from us and get started. Verification Documents. You must have your – ID card or – Passport with you – You may use your electronic ...