Trezor Bridge - What is it? And its installation process

In the month of February, the developers of the Trezor Wallet decided to surprise the users by launching a new communication tool. Trezor Bridge is a tool that will be used to communicate between an Internet connection and Trezor Wallet. And this is the only purpose of this update, but it is an important update. 
In the blog, we will discuss the need for this update and the process of downloading it.

Reasons for the introduction of Trezor Bridge

It is built from the start with the help of modern code. Thus, it has better, more secure, and fast connection services. And the following big reason for this announcement is that as per the news, Google has decided to phase out all the Chrome apps. So the users would require different kinds of communication channels that will hel\p them in communicating. 

How does it affect the users?

If you are using the Trezor Chrome Extension then it is your choice to either uninstall it or do a Trezor Bridge download. The downloading process can be done through the Wallet.  
And if you are currently operating on the older version of Bridge then you should update the version you are using. 
For those who are new users while setting up their account, the Wallet will automatically ask them to install Bridge by default. 
This Trezor Bridge would not require any direct interaction with the users and will just run in the background. And if after installation you want to check if it is working or not, then look for ‘Trezord’. It varies from device to device. 
•    If you are using Windows then search for Trezord in the Task Manager.
•    MacOS users should go to Activity Monitor and then look for Trezord.
•    And last Linux device users can search for Trezord Go in the system monitor.
Users who are currently operating through the Trezor Suite desktop version have been connected automatically with the Trezor Bridge. 

Downloading Process

Now that we know the need and importance of the Trezor Bridge, you must know the installation process of it also. The steps are:
1.    Open your browser.
2.    In the search box type Trezor Bridge download.
3.    The first result page of the search will have the official link to download it.
4.    Open the link.
5.    Press on ‘Download’. 
6.    Now, follow the instructions further showcased on the screen.
After this, the procedure of downloading and installing would be completed.

Wrapping it up

There is no need to install Trezor Bridge separately if you are using the updated version of Trezor Suite then there is no requirement for you to download Bridge. But if it is not up to date then you can either update it or download the Bridge separately. It does not support any of the mobile devices and if there is a problem in installing then you can connect with customer care. Thus it completely depends on the users and their performance.


Trezor Bridge - Trezor App |

Trezor Bridge - Trezor App |