buy a physical cash house

Technically, you can bring cash full to the closing table and pay for your house with actual cash. There are no rules excluding cash property transactions besides IRS reporting requirements, and if you have a seller who can get actual money, it can be a quick method to shop. However, as a buyer it is probably more difficult than it really is to pay in physical currency.If you buy a home to be sold by the owner, you may pay with money, but if you pay with the actual physical currency you will need a seller who is prepared to take over the cash when you close. It takes time to count hundreds of thousands of dollars, with an enormous margin for mistake.You can arrange an appointment with your bank and have it run with one of their counting device that not only count fine and swiftly, but also detects counterfeit money. However, if the seller wishes to avoid depositing all the cash on his bank account, he may be happy to do so. Whether the money is deposited or not, banking laws require that each cash transaction in excess of $10,000 is reported in accordance with the FinCEN laws. With that understanding, you realize how significant cash deposits might be difficult directly in a bank, which is why the majority of "cash transaction" is actually carried out via bank-to-bank electronic transfers, often known as wires.

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