How To Login CenturyLink Email

Log in to your Centurylink email account and go to the top of the inbox page to My Centurylink Account. To change your password, go to Manage Account Settings, then Update Information, then Change Password. Enter your current Centurylink password, then create a new password with eight to sixteen characters. Your password has now been updated.

If you've forgotten your Centurylink password or wish to change it, follow these steps:

1- To begin, navigate to
2- Click Continue after entering your Centurylink User ID or Password.
3- If you are unable to access your account, you must select the Forgot My Password option.
4- To show you are not a robot, enter the CAPTCHA code. Continue by pressing the Enter key.
5- Choose a method for retrieving your Centurylink password from the options mentioned below, then click Next.
6- Enter your PIN, Phone Number, or Recovery Emails. Next should be selected.
7- Centurylink will send you a confirmation link to your recovery phone number or email address.
8- Locate and tap the Confirmation Link.
9- A “Password Change” box will appear on the screen.
10- Enter your new password (it should be unique and long), then re-enter it and proceed.
11- A confirmation page will show once your password has been properly updated.

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