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  • Url you want to make Backlink
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Frequently asked questions

  • How should I use the mix65+ package properly? Are they safe?

Answer : you can use Mix65 to power up any url you want , including the main site ( money site ) depending on your preferences and tactics . They are absolutely safe and are still being used on the Vhearts social.


  • Can I buy a mix65 quality backlink package as a regular member?

Answer : hmm... vip members is a small income to maintain our system. So don't hesitate to support Vhearts Team a few cups of coffee


  • Can I buy mix65+ backlink package with Vhearts Coin?

Answer : VCoin is the currency in the system. You can completely use it to upgrade Vip and buy Mix65+ package. How to earn Coins, you can see more at :


  • After using the Mix65+ package, will my articles be on the top of google?

Answer : As you all know, the top 1~2~3 google depends on many factors. The power from backlinks has been greatly reduced, but that does not mean it is no longer important. If your articles are seo-standard and have unique content, the extra power from Mix65 will help you get to the top soon.


  • Do I need to use Index services to quickly index backlinks from Mix65+?

Answer : Backlinks from mix65+ are inserted from quality and unique English articles, so they will be easily indexed by google, you should run some T2 backlinks or use tools like hit4hit , hitleaps... for quick indexing


  • Why is the Mix65+ package so cheap?

Answer : you know , after many years of operation we always try to bring more value to your businesses , Many services will sell similar backlink packages for a few hundred dolla, but not us. The group is overjoyed that you continue to accompany, develop, and support the Vhearts team. Mix65+ package was born to serve you!



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